Berkshire Equine

Berkshire Equine is a unique equine veterinary practice based in Headley, Berkshire set up in early 2019.

Providing veterinary services to the thoroughbred industry, sport and leisure horses, polo players, working horses and studs throughout the south of England, it prides itself in providing a high quality, consistent and rare personal service based on over four decades of international expertise at the highest level. It offers a 24 hour ambulatory service using some of the most advanced equipment in both diagnostics and treatment.

Berkshire Equine’s close association with Newmarket Equine Hospital, the largest clinical facility in Europe, ensures that it has preferential access to further advanced diagnostic equipment and fully equipped laboratory as well as world renowned board certified surgeons and medical experts.

Berkshire Equine’s dedicated veterinary surgeons are ably assisted by highly qualified nursing staff and a friendly, efficient and experienced management body. Here, the emphasis is on team work, with a strong family bond.

A clear and established commitment, understanding and ethos ensures that Berkshire Equine clients and their equines remain at the forefront of its work, whilst the practice continues to drive forward with enthusiasm and enjoy its fast growing reputation.


Lameness is the biggest cause of lost training days in competition horses. Our vets have a wealth of experience in

Routine Healthcare

Prevention is always better than cure.
We offering: dental care, Parasite control, vaccination and exports

Stud Services

We offer a complete stud service that is tailored to suit the individual needs of private breeders and commercial studs.

Pre Purchase Examinations

Our vets carry out pre purchase examinations in this country and abroad on horses and ponies for all disciplines.


Our vets regularly attend both national hunt and flat racing yards, as well as racecourses across the south east.

Poor performance

Loss of performance in the competition horse can be caused by a variety of reasons and is often multi-factorial and